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"I craft each piece in solid sterling silver (925) and accent parts with Gold Verme'. Gold Verme' is a thin layer of real gold on the sterling silver. I work in a multitude of traditional techniques but in addition I have developed a few techniques of my own for creating unique textured finishes. Some I hammer into the silver and others I carve or brush but in all cases, I use tools with different shapes to get a variety of interesting textures. The "Pave' Diamond Look" you see on most of my work, is a faceted texture that I hammer deep into the silver. It reflects light and sparkles like diamonds to create the brilliant display you see, without the use of stones. I hope my jewelry brings you as much pleasure as it has to me creating it."

Stacy Givon was born 1964 in Chicago, IL. She moved with her family in 1979 to live in Israel. She studied two years traditional techniques with master silversmith, David Kopiefker and complimented this with studies in Yemenite Filigree and one year of design at the Bezalel Academy of Art. In 1981 Stacy and her husband, master silversmith Dan Givon, opened their studio in Jerusalem, Israel. She has earned international recognition and prizes for her distinctive designs and quality craftsmanship. Stacy has developed techniques for unique textured finishes that have become her passion and design trademark. With over 40 years of experience, she skillfully handcrafts her jewelry in her studio in Jerusalem and signs each piece.

Silver looks best when shinny and clean but it has a tendency to tarnish so I recommend using an ultra sonic jewelry cleaner with dish washing soap and water, after each use and store (clean & dry) in the original zip lock bag. This will keep your piece looking its best. If your piece is getting dark and loosing its luster, use Connoisseurs Silver Jewelry  Dip, as needed. You can find both at Bed Bath & Beyond. Use only as directed. Rubbing the ruff surfaces with silver polishing cloths or creams will cake dirt into the textures, rendering them dark and dull. Remove in Jacuzzi, pools and the sea. Avoid contact with lotions, chemicals and perfumes.

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